King palm

The King palm is a fast growing palm tree reaching a height of 50-70 feet. This beautiful pinnate palm has a smooth, tall, slender and predominantly ringed trunk. The King palm produces attractive pink flowers in midsummer that are followed by red fruits. It requires littlle maintenance. It prefers full sun to partial shade and best grows in most well drained soil. The palm enjoys humidity and water.
King palm is propagated by palm tree seeds. Germination occurs in about few weeks.

Palm Trees

There are different varieties of palm trees:hardy palm trees and drought hardy palms. For both types of palm trees good soil and proper fertilization are required.
Palm trees have has a very important role to humans throughout history.

White American Pelicans

A White American pelican breeds in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. A White American pelican lives in swamps and shallow lakes. It is one of the largest birds. These birds eat fish and small birds.They feed while swimming, they don't plunge-dive to feed like brown pelicans.

Naturally female date palms are pollinated  by wind. For this process it requires equal proportion of female and male palms. In cultivation date palms are pollinated manually to improve yield or quality. Pollination of date palms is a very complicated process. In manual pollination pollen from male flowers is placed inside female flowers. After pollination female date palms start to produce dates.

Phoenix Dactylifera

Date palms begin to bear dates at 5 years old. Each Date palm produces between five to ten bunches of dates. A single bunch contains more than a thousand dates.


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